Hi there and welcome,

We are CAMOFILMS, a collective of film makers, writers, animators, programers, musicians based in cambridge, we are multi-skilled and have the ability to take on almost any idea, we have joined forces to combine our professional experiences. We are the CamoCrew!

We have collectively filmed various music productions, events, festivals and showcases, we also make music videos and tour documentaries, we have worked in this area a great deal and understand how best to capture it on video, we have collectively worked on some notable projects.

We also film sports events, activism gatherings and make our own films.

We invite anyone with or without any film experience, all you need is your enthusiasm and the ability to be part of a team, we all learn together.

The past few years has seen Camofilms work on a number of brand new productions, we like to think out of the box and try new un-tested ideas, this means that we tend not to go for the corporate big payers but try own our ideas first. Not letting Creativity be ruined by profit! A fine balance.

2013 is set to be a ground breaking year for us, as well as linking in with other really exiting projects we are planning our own TV show!

We invite anyone to contact us, technical crew, production crew, presenters, actors, investors, organisations, festivals, youth projects, funders, musicians..

If you would like to get involved then simply drop us an email (sirstevelewis@yahoo.co.uk)

SL ;)

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